Plugin: hpwNewLISP/OpenNbNewLISP

Here are 2 plugins for interfacing newLISP in neobook-apps.

More info on this great Lisp: newLISP

Info about newLISP-extensions: HPW's newLISP page

For interested neobook user a standalone EXE from the PubViewer demo: 1846 KB

Here is release 2.35 of the freeware version for newLISP 869 KB

And here is release 1.0 of the open-source flavour of a neobook-pluggin for newLISP 614 KB

And here is the source of the plugin: 52 KB


New Upload 2.35:(21.01.2016)

New upload with newLISP.dll 10.7.0

Changes Release 2.35:(09.07.2015)

New upload with newLISP.dll 10.6.3
Fix in Plugin for changed DLL-call behaviour of newLISP.dll

Changes Release 2.34d:(08.04.2014)

New upload with newLISP.dll 10.6.0

New upload(08.12.2013)

New open-source plugin OpenNbNewLISP Release.

New upload(01.11.2013)

Plugins are now uncompressed without upx-compression.

Changes Release 2.34c:(22.05.2013)

New upload with newLISP.dll 10.5.0

Changes Release 2.34b:(08.05.2012)

New upload with newLISP.dll 10.4.3

Changes Release 2.34a:(24.03.2012)

New upload with newLISP.dll again (allowed by newer GNU GPL License news)

GPL License hint

GPL License FAQ section

Changes Release 2.34:(19.08.2009)

Recompiled without Win32.Induc delphi virus

Changes Release 2.33:(31.05.2009)

Changed the used runtime-packer for a better vista and IE8-compatibility.

Changes Release 2.32:(14.05.2009)

New error-handling code for changed newLISP error-function in 10.0.5

Changes Release 2.31:(20.04.2009)

New variable in neobook [NEWLISPDIR] readed from enviroment-var NEWLISPDIR from newLISP-install.

Changes Release 2.30:(30.11.2008)

Changed compiler to delphi 7

Wizards now compatibel look with neobook 5.6

New Lisp-Editor-Wizards based on a new color memo component.
Config file now newLISP.ini instead of newLISP.cfg

Changed *.lsp demo files for newLISP 9.9.96 or the upcoming newLISP 10

More Details here:

Changes Release 2.29:(20.1.2008)

Removed some more designtime-related code from NBR which results in a slightly smaller size.

Changes Release 2.28:(15.1.2008)

All commands wizards show the exact command in the wizards dialog caption.

All commands wizards show the plugin-name in the command hint header in brackets.

Changes Release 2.27:(13.1.2008)

All commands wizards show the command and the command-hint like neobook's native commands.

Removed some designtime-related code from NBR which results in a slightly smaller size.

Changes Release 2.26:(27.10.2007)

The wizards of hpwNewLispCall now has a COM-interface button to RegexBuddy.

New Upload:(8.10.2007)

Tree-navigation in PubViewer 1.09 with object icons

New Upload:(7.10.2007)

Improved tree-navigation in PubViewer 1.08

New Upload:(6.10.2007)

Demofile: Improved PubViewer 1.07

Added a hpwTreeView for a hierachic view on the pub.

Added a Run-button when CompiledName is set in the pub-source.

When run with a pub-filename as a commandline-parameter the file is displayed on startup.

Changes Release 2.25:(2.9.2007)

Action: hpwNewLispDebug - Output debug info from newLISP into neobook debug window.

Changes Release 2.24:(17.8.2007)

Bugfix: hpwNewLispCall's command wizard context help jump into newLISP doc was coded with a hardcoded path.

Changes Release 2.23:(17.4.2007)

Action: hpwNewLispGetFileInfo - Get the fileinfo (name+version) from a code-file!

Changes Release 2.22:(21.3.2007)

Lisp-commands ending with a ? now correctly open context help
Config-file newLISP.cfg now reflects the syntax of newLISP 9.1

Changes Release 2.21:(19.3.2007)

Workaround to open context lisp-doc with InternetExplorer 7

Changes Release 2.20:(5.2.2007)

Bugfix for nbfreelib introduced with 2.19 with the new privat variables to import DLL-functions.

Changes Release 2.19:(19.1.2007)

Using NB 5.5.3 new privat variables to import the DLL-functions of the other plugins.

Changes Release 2.18:(23.12.2006)

Action: hpwNewLispMD5String - Calculate the MD5 hash of a string!

Action: hpwNewLispMD5File - Calculate the MD5 hash of a file!

New Upload 2.17:(16.12.2006)

New upload without newLISP.dll (not allowed by GNU GPL License)

Changes Release 2.17:(14.10.2006)

Another bugfix for correct initialization of the parameter array for custom commands

Changes Release 2.16:(14.10.2006)

Bugfix: Free some more memory on initialization

Bugfix: Correct initialization of the parameter array for custom commands

Changes Release 2.15:(12.10.2006)

Bugfix for TaskBarClickAndRestoreOnTop for About-dialog and command wizards

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard CTRL-N now calls 'clear and start new'

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard CTRL-O now calls 'file open'

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard CTRL-S now calls 'file save'

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard ALT-O calls OK-Button

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard ALT-C calls Cancel-Button

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard now supports TAB-key in the source text

Changes Release 2.14:(11.10.2006)

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard 'Paranthesis check' supports now subsequend checking

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard CTRL-A now selects all

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard F1 without any selected show newLISP framed doc.

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard F1 with selected newLISP command show newLISP doc about command.

hpwNewLisp.ini has a new entry: NewLispDirectory (Installdir of full version of newLISP)

Changes Release 2.13:(10.10.2006)

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard gets buttons for clipboard support (Cut,Copy,Paste)

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard gets button for 'Select All'

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard gets button for 'Paranthesis check' (HotKey CTRL-B)

Changes Release 2.12:(09.10.2006)

hpwNewLISP.cfp/cfr are now read from plugin directory

Changes Release 2.11:(08.10.2006)

Command wizards for all commands.

neoLISP.cmd renamed to hpwNewLISP.cfp/hpwNewLISP.cfr

hpwNewLISP.cfr now auto-embedded to allow custom plugin lisp-commands also in web-apps.

hpwNewLISP.ini allows to link an external Lisp-Editor (called from command wizard)

hpwNewLISP.ini allows to config custom command hints.

hpwNewLispCall's command wizard uses syntax-highlighting from newLISP.cfg

Changes Release 2.10:(30.12.2005)

Fix: [text]-return-string are no more processed for escape-characters.
Fix: DoubleOuote-return-string are now processed for this special case: \\\" , \\r , \\t and \\n

Changes Release 2.09:(05.12.2005)

newLISP 8.7.4 now adds a LF instead of a space to the return-string.

Changes Release 2.08:(14.09.2005)

Removing the space now also work on number-returns.

Changes Release 2.07:(14.09.2005)

Because of changes in 8.6.5 which adds a space to the return-string
the plugin now also cuts off this additional char.

Changes Release 2.06:(10.06.2005)

Latest stable release 8.6.0 of newLISP.dll

Variable: [hpwNewLispUniqueDllName] works only when "[NBType]" "=" "W" (Activex-web-mode)
(This allows the ActiveX to use a unique DLL for each session)
(But other problems with multisession ActiveX still remain!)

Changes Release 2.05:(07.02.2005)

Plugin commands imported with nbreg/nbdllreg are now global and protected.

Changes Release 2.04:(05.02.2005)

Plugin now autoload some more Lisp functions: nbreg, nbdllreg, nbfreelib
Usefull for register and unregister of other plugins (direct call)

New Upload 10.12.2004

New neoTurtle.lsp with Turtle3:run to test new interface

Changes Release 2.03:(07.12.2004)

Change: nbget has now a size parameter for memory allocation '(nbget "[VAR]" 20)'

Minor Bugfix in return-string processing.

Changes Release 2.02:(06.12.2004)

Bugfix: hpwGetVar did not always return the correct value

Changes Release 2.01:(06.12.2004)

newLISP-function: hpwSetVar (Set variable in neobook from newLISP)

newLISP-function: nbplay (shorter global protected function of hpwPlayAction)

newLISP-function: nbget (shorter global protected function of hpwGetVar)

newLISP-function: nbset (shorter global protected function of hpwSetVar)

Changes Release 2.0:(05.12.2004)

New bidirectional interface which now offer neobook scripting directly from newLISP.

newLISP-function: hpwDllName (Gets the real plugin-filename)

newLISP-function: hpwPlayAction (Play neobook scripts from newLISP)

newLISP-function: hpwGetVar (Get variable from neobook to newLISP)

Changes Release 1.13:(15.11.2004)

Action: hpwNewLispFreeDll Free newLISP.dll from memory.

Changes Release 1.12:(05.11.2004)

Added hpwNewLISP.ini in plugin-directory to be able to translate plugin comments.
This allow multilanguage use of the plugin in the NB-IDE.

Changes Release 1.11:(30.09.2004)

A more flexibel handling with the return-string.
You can now return newlisp's native string format.
The plugin converts them on the fly to neobook-format.

Changes Release 1.10:(25.07.2004)

newLISP.DLL has a new command 'newlispEvalStr' instead of 'dllEvalStr'.
So with hpwNewLISP 1.10 this new command is used for calling newLISP.

New Upload:

newLISP.DLL 8.0.12 UdpListener now also MinGW

New Upload:

newLISP.DLL 8.0.10 compiled with MinGW

New Upload:

Demofile: UdpReceiver DLL with timeout

New Upload:

Demofile: external UdpListener.exe

New Upload:

Demofile: UdpSender + UdpReceiver

New Upload:

Demofile: PubViewer 1.05

Changes Release 1.09:(31.12.2003)

Action: hpwSetNewLispErr Set error-variable-name in neobook for returning errors from newLISP.dll.

Variable: [nbNewLispErr] Contains the current error variable.

Changes Release 1.08:(26.12.2003)

Changes on Error-handling.

Changes Release 1.07:(21.12.2003)

All custom-command parameters are internally surrounded by curly braces.

Changes Release 1.06:(20.12.2003)

Action: hpwNewLispCall - 1.Parameter for DLL-Path removed!

Action: hpwSetNewLispDir - Set DLL-Path one time in the pub!

Support for Custom-plugin commands. Definitions in file neoLISP.cmd!

nb_util.lsp renamed to init.lsp which is automaticly loaded by newLISP.

iSEDQuickPDF.lsp with all import functions for iSEDQuickPDF.dll from

Changes Release 1.05:(13.12.2003)

A customised error-handler in newlisp is now connected with the neobook error-handling via [LastError]

Changes Release 1.04:(13.12.2003)

Action: hpwNewLispCall - Support for different callbacks in return-messages with newlisp-restart!
Global var [hpwNewLispRestartCall] contains the current Lisp-call.

Changes Release 1.03:(11.12.2003)

Action: hpwNewLispCall - Support for callbacks in return-messages with newlisp-restart!

Changes Release 1.02:(10.12.2003)

Action: hpwNewLispFileRead - Load files without problems with pipe-character!

Changes new Upload:

Demo-file: neoHanoi.lsp with Tower of Hanoi sample.

Demo-file: roman.lsp sample to convert year-number to roman number.

Changes Release 1.01:(07.12.2003)

Action: hpwNewLispCall - Support for callbacks in return-messages into neoScript!

Support-file: nb_util.lsp with usefull functions. Starts with: (nl2nb-list '("1" "2" "3"))

Demo-file: neoTurtle.lsp with fractal-graphics in neobook powered by newLISP/hpwImage.

Last but not least: newlisp.dll Development version 7.3.16

Initial Release 1.0:(03.12.2003)

Actions: hpwNewLispCall - Send a Lisp-String to the newlisp.dll and get the return.